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Best Apps For Millennial Freelancers in 2019

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The must haves and use-more of's to make more money and manage more projects.

When it comes to being your own boss, having the right tools is essential for scaling your income. Here are my top tools from 2019.


Who hates making or forgets passwords? Or both? Me! LastPass, a mobile application and chrome plugin is a life saver. All you need to remember is one password to login (I store this "master password" in my ios notes app). Once you login you have access to all passwords. The app also auto fills the passwords while using google chrome, and has a password generator which is especially helpful for passwords which have a list of 6-8 requirements. Aside from passwords, you're also able to securely store credit cards, passport info, drivers license info, and more.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app is a simple grammar tool that auto-analyzes your text to help writers identify ways to write in a simple, clear, and powerful way. While it can also be used as a quick note tool to copy and paste from, it's a great way to have someone (or machine in this case) proof read an email before you send it out. Writing has never been my strength so this app helps me tremendously.


Notion is an all in one project management tool. Their simplistic view makes it easy to store and create documents, tasks, projects, and organize content in a flexible and engaging way. You can also embed information from other apps like google sheets, and it integrates with slack. To my next point...


Find yourself texting back and forth with clients? Slack is a simple yet multifunctional messaging mobile and web application. It integrates with hundreds of apps and my favorite part is that it's very flexible in terms of controlling which notifications you receive-- temporarily or long-term. Slack channels are a great way for teams to collaborate i.e #website #marketing #sales, or you can even create private channels while working with a client. For example #client-smithstore. Everything is trackable too which can be helpful for invoicing time spent communicating back and forth.


ColorZilla is a chrome extension and is great to quickly create a color palate based on the clients brand or current website. You can instantly get the color code from any webpage.

Image Downloader

I can't tell you how many times I used this tool when creating websites. You can download any image from a webpage in seconds. No more need to take screenshots!!

Zoho Invoice

Zoho invoice is one of the top invoicing tools and it's free for a single user. You can create customized white labeled invoices and connect apps including stripe, paypal, or other payment processing software. The invoices look professional and Zoho's tracking features overall make everything easier to organize payments wise.

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